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  FOG01 Rise Of Rome - Republican Roman Army Lists
Field of Glory presents the historical tabletop wargamer with a new, accessible rules set. Rise of Rome provides an accessible, detailed army listing for the Roman Republic and its enemies, from the war against Pyrrhos, to the victory of Augustus. This companion contains a complete historical overview of this period, covering conflicts such as the Punic Wars and Rome?s bloody wars with Hannibal and the Carthiginians. It includes well-designed, visually stunning and comprehensive army listings, with detailed historical overviews of each army, supporting maps and Osprey artwork.

Armies listed: ? Mid Republican Roman ? Late Republican Roman ? Gallic ? Pyrrhic? Later Carthaginian ? Ancient Spanish ? Later Macedonian? Later Seleucid? Later Ptolemaic? Numidian or early Moorish? Pontic? Early Armenian? Parthian? Later Jewish? Illyrian ? Attalid Pergamene? Bosporan? Spartacus (Slave Revolt)

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