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  Head & Accessory Sprues
  BRIT01 Empire Officers
  BRIT02 British NCOs
  BRIT03 British Bombers
  BRIT04 British Lewis Gunners
  BRIT05 Vickers HMG & Crew in serge uniform
  BRIT09 18pdr & 6 crew in shirt-sleeves
  Serge Uniform Section Packs
  Section Pack - Shorts
Picture shows the pool of 16 different bodies from which a random 10 different figures are taken for the seperate head section packs. If you order two seperate head section packs at the same time then you will recieve at least one of each different body.
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Yes, it's the same pack as the ANZACS but the crew are wearing the right ... more detail

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BRIT06 Battalion Command (4)
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BRIT07 Casualties in serge uniform (4)
Two each of the figures shown. No headgear has been modelled so you can use ... more detail

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BRIT08 Character Pack One
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Contains an army Chaplain proffering a packet of ... more detail

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