Hot Lead 12
Being another Gripping Beast one day WAB event... warmer climes (Not guaranteed....)

Sunday, July 1st, 2012 at
Gripping Beast, Unit 8, Briar Close Industrial Estate, Briar Close, Evesham Worcestershire WR11 4JT

Arrivals from 8.45 a.m. First games to start no later than 9.30 a.m.

Send army lists to Martin or Simberton Cottage, Monkwood Green, Worcester WR2 6NX to arrive by June 23rd please.

Armies for this event are of 1,500 points and may be drawn from Age of Arthur, Beyond the Golden Gate, El Cid or Shieldwall, and must have a historical basis in the period 425-1066 AD only. Lance armed cavalry and crossbows are not allowed. You will also need a 1000 point variant of your list.

The event consists of a series of scenarios. These may not be fair or balanced, but tournament points are scored by comparing players? performances against only those others playing the same side of the scenario.

All games will consist of 7 turns.
Tables will be 6` x 4`. Terrain will be provided and placed by the umpire.
There will be 4 scenarios, and players will complete each of them once.

Miraculous Shrine
The small but determined forces of a religious sect gather to prevent the desecration of their most holy shrine?.

A shrine, holy well, sacred tumulus, statue to the God etc. Is placed on the table by the 1,000 point defender somewhere in the central 2? section of his deployment area. Hidden deployment is then used to place units and the 1,500 point attacker has the first turn.
The defender may designate any single one of his units as the ?Guardians of the Shrine?. This unit gains the Hatred rule but may not voluntarily move more than 6? from the shrine, and must immediately return to it if lured away.
Any fleeing defender?s units will rally without testing at the end of a flee move during which they pass within 6? of the shrine-should they still be on the table.

Victory Points are scored as follows:
For control of the Shrine (more than twice as many figures within 6? of the shrine than the enemy has): 500 points
Points for enemy units and characters killed as per the rulebook
Only the defender may score points for captured standards.

Attack On The Camp
A small advance force is surprised in its overnight marching camp. Seeing that it is outnumbered, its commander elects to stay in the camp and defend its ditch and stake rampart rather than risking open battle. The other army must now assault the camp before its occupants are rescued?..

The attackers (1500 points) deploy across the width of the table and no more than 12? from their base edge. The defenders (1000 points) must deploy at least 700 points in the camp and the rest no more than 12? from their base edge. The ditch and stake rampart is an improvised obstacle.

The attackers move first. Skirmisher, special deployment and mounted infantry pre-game moves are not allowed in this scenario.

Victory Points
The attackers gain 400 victory points if their army standard is inside the camp at the end of the game, and 100 points for each unit standard that crosses the rampart into the camp at any time during the game, (but only once per standard!) so long as the standards are not captured by the defenders.

The main body of the defenders? army would arrive on table in move 8, so the defenders gain 400 victory points if they have not been reduced to army breakpoint at the end of the game.

Victory points for captured standards, slain generals and destroyed units are scored as normal by both sides, but there are no points for table quarters.

The Abbey
On a steep hill dominating the area stands a wealthy abbey. Raiders have come seeking to despoil it; the locals have rallied to its defence?

The hill on which the abbeys stands is just within the attacker?s side of the table, right of centre, and is very difficult ground except within the abbey precincts and on the 40mm wide pathway that leads up to it. The pathway faces out across the table towards the centre. The abbey building has a door facing the pathway, and one window in each of the other three walls, regardless of what is depicted on the model building provided.
The 1000 point attacker deploys his army first, up to 12? from his baseline across the entire table width. The attacker has the first move.
The 1500 point defending forces measure their first moves from anywhere along their own base line. One character from the defender?s army, selected by the player, happens to be visiting the abbey and must be placed within it at the start of the game. He may be accompanied, if the player wishes, by an attendant in the form of one of the army?s unit leaders, who obeys the rules for characters for this scenario only.
While the religious community do not fight, their prayers for salvation are answered and the defending player may use D3 oracle points during the game. In these special circumstances, they can be used in addition to standards.

Victory Points are scored as follows:
If an attacking unit or character spends at least 2 turns within the abbey precincts unmolested, the abbey has been sacked and 500 victory points are gained.
If the defenders hold the abbey at the end of the game, and it has not been sacked, 500 victory points have been gained.
The attackers score victory points as normal for units killed and unit standards captured, but cannot score points for killing characters or capturing the army standard.
The defenders score victory points as normal, but score double points for enemy characters killed ?if they are dead they can?t lead further raids.

River Crossing
A 1,500 point army will attempt to force a crossing of a river against a 1,000 point defender.
The river runs straight across the centre line of the table. It is 4? wide and counts as very difficult terrain except at fords, which count as open terrain. Rivers will be provided.
There are 3 fords on the river, each is 80mm wide. For each ford, roll 2D6 and multiplying the result by 6?; that gives the distance of the centre of the ford from the attacker?s left table edge. If this positions a ford 6? from one already placed, move it another 6? to the right so that there is a minimum distance of 12? between fords. If this process means a ford cannot be legally placed, roll again.
The defender deploys all his troops first, anywhere on his side of the table but not more than 18? from his baseline. The attacker may then set up across the whole width of the table and 12? from his baseline. The attacker moves first.

Victory Points
For each intact unit on the defender?s side of the river-full points Normal points for units destroyed/fleeing, standards, generals etc.
Defender: For each intact enemy unit not on the defender?s side of the river-full points
Normal points for units destroyed/fleeing, standards, generals etc.