Show Information 2012
What do we take to shows?
Please note that we can no longer take our entire range to show - there is just far too much of it. Here is a list of what we do take to shows:
SAGA Warband box sets
SAGA re-enforcement blisters
SAGA, Northern Fury and Raven's Shadow books
SAGA LBMS shield transfers & banners
Army Painter products including new Warpaints range
Renedra plastic bases & accessories
Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen & Saxon Thegns
Musketeer Miniatures (Complete WW1 BEF, WW1 Russian, and Interwar Period (VBCW) ranges plus selected parts of the Arabs, Goths, Early Saxons, Late Romans & Great Northern War ranges.)

If what you're after is not on this list then PLEASE PRE-ORDER to avoid disappointment.

Have we mentioned that it is a really good idea to pre-order?
Stock is limited at shows and so to avoid disappointment it's always a good idea......
but to make it even better, pre-order over ?25 and get one of these limited figures FREE!

Don't forget to let us know which one you want!
Email us your preorder now!

Painted by Mystic Spirals.
Sculpted by Colin Patten, Rob Baker & Soaps!
Supplied unpainted and without bases...