The Rickard Room
From Our Chum In Sweden......
...does not look like the picture we used on the Friends Of The Beast Gallery page. Rickard sent us a very amusing picture that we just can't use but in the background was a passerby and her reaction says it all!

A Patrician western DBA army including all the options, almost done, just need to add a couple of units.
Then the next goal is to paint all the option for the Sub-Roman British versions, and that means a lot of Pedyt's. But that's not a problem as they are my favourites.
I base the figs on larger bases, plus 2cms widther, and 3cms deeper (8*6cms)and use for example double amount of foot than stated in the DBA rule-set. The double ranks for auxiliary and spear makes all the differenceJ
The final goal is a 2000pts Warmaster Ancient army. We play with 1 stand=1 unit and use our own heavily modified house rules.

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